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Pulse Diagnosis Reveals the Causes of Many Health Problems

Pulse Diagnosis Reveals the Causes of Many Health Problems

A Chinese medicine pulse diagnosis expert can place their fingers on your radial pulse to read the causes of many of your health problems, often without asking you any questions at all.  How is this possible, you may ask? This article explains how and why it’s so important in successfully treating any health issues you may have and how you can get a pulse diagnosis for free.

What is Chinese Pulse Diagnosis?

Chinese pulse diagnosis is where a Chinese medicine practitioner places their fingers on your radial pulse (at the wrist) to feel for the subtleties of blood flow through the artery as well as the fascia around it. The practitioner is feeling for the rate, shape, size, deep, intensity and nature of the pulse in a range of different positions on your wrist representing all the different organs and areas of your body.

In Chinese medicine, good health is good blood flow.  Everything your body needs for good health is in your blood.  If your blood circulates well throughout your entire body, you have better health.  If the blood flow is restricted anywhere, this is when health problems can arise. Chinese pulse diagnosis is largely feeling for how your blood is flowing throughout your body and identifying problem areas.

This is the simple explanation.  But make no mistake, it is a difficult skill to master and experts in reading the pulse in detail are few and far between.

What’s the Background to Chinese Pulse Diagnosis?

Chinese pulse diagnosis was developed thousands of years ago by Chinese medicine practitioners to help them more accurately diagnose the cause of health problems. It was particularly used by practitioners servicing the Emperor.  Imperial practitioners treating ladies in waiting were not permitted to touch the wrist of ladies so they had to place taught string on the wrist of the lady and feel their pulse through the string.  This is how sensitive an expert pulse reader’s feeling must be in their fingers.

Why is Chinese Pulse Diagnosis Important for You?

Most Chinese medicine practitioners will ask a lot of questions to diagnose you.  The difficulty with this is that this can lead to a lot of ambiguity of diagnosis.  To successfully treat a patient the practitioner needs two things: 1. the right diagnosis; and 2. the right treatment (which relies on the right diagnosis).

There is an old saying: ‘the pulse doesn’t lie’.  With skilful pulse diagnosis the practitioner is better able to diagnose and treat correctly thereby increasing the probability of helping you get better, faster.

Who Can Read a Pulse?

Pulse diagnosis is squarely the domain of Chinese medicine practitioners.  However, most practitioners are only taught a rudimentary form of pulse diagnosis at university.  High levels of skill are only obtained by practitioners who seek out and learn from a pulse master. There are few Chinese medicine practitioners who have done this.

Why Have Your Pulse Read?

The pulse will reveal many existing health problems as well as provide an early indicator of developing health problems.  Chinese medicine is great for many existing health problems, but in my opinion its greatest value is picking up health problems early and treating you to avoid the health problems that are developing. You should be able to get clear Chinese medicine answers for any health problems you are experiencing.

Come and Have Your Pulse Read for FREE

If you have health issues and would like to know what is causing them, come in and have your pulse read by an expert practitioner.

If you would like to know the overall condition of your health and to see if any issues might be developing, come in and have your pulse read.

For a short time Emperor’s Acupuncture is offering a free 15 Minute Health Breakthrough Consultation*.  In 15 minutes we will read your radial pulse and discuss your health.  If you then decide that you would like us to treat your health problems (with acupuncture, supplements or diet therapy) you can book in for a normal appointment.

Otherwise you can book in for a normal appointment straight away for pulse diagnosis and treatment straight away.

Book in for Free Health Breakthrough Consultation* with one of our Doctors of Chinese medicine today.

*This service is provided free by our practitioners. There are no conditions and no other paid services subsidise these free appointments.