Do Any of These Describe You?

Have you many low-to-medium grade symptoms occurring  (eg. pain, insomnia, fatigue, digestive issues and emotional issues)?

    • Have you explored Western medicine but have had insufficient relief from treatments?
    • Have you been told that all your tests check out and that you are fine – but you still have symptoms?
    • Are you concerned about continuing to take certain medications?
    • You are concerned about your health but would not only like relief from your symptoms, you’d also like to try to resolve the reason (the root cause) for them?

Chinese Medicine Looks at Your Health Differently

Chinese medicine is one of the oldest, most sophisticated and most widely used natural medical systems in the world.

We look at your health in a completely different way to Western medicine and treat you with a combination of acupuncture, supplements and diet.

Organ Function

We look at how well your organs are functioning (doing their job).

Your health is like a ‘tree’ with your symptoms being the ‘branches’ – it’s what you see and feel. But what’s causing health problems is often in the ‘roots’  – your organ health as the root cause.

Chinese medicine treats both the symptoms (the branch) and the root cause (the roots) of health issues.

If the root cause can be resolved, the symptoms will reduce or may go away entirely.

How we test for organ function health is very different to the usual blood tests you would receive in Western medicine.

We look at what you body is telling us including symptoms, your radial pulse, your tongue, your ear, your blood pressure, etc…

Blood Flow

Your blood contains almost everything your body needs to operate well and repair itself.

Good blood flow is good health.


Like any engine, if your body runs too hot or too cold it won’t run very well.

We look at your temperatures and their effect on your digestion, hormone production and organ health


What you eat has an enormous effect on your health.

In Chinese medicine we focus on advising about foods that will help your organ health rather than hinder it.

Specific organs like and dislike specific foods.

Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

Reading the subtleties of blood flow at your radial wrist is the main diagnostic tool we use to understand your organ health.

It is a very old but extremely useful skill in diagnosing the cause of health problems in Chinese medicine.

You may be quite surprised about how much we can pick up when we read your pulse.

Helping Your Body Work Properly Again

Sometimes the answer to health problems is to return your body to good health so it can do its job.

Your body is a marvellous machine often capable of repairing itself – but it just can’t do it given how it’s running at the moment.

Try as any medical professional might to identify a specific problem that’s causing symptoms, it’s not always possible with what is currently known about physiology and disease.

Our view is that the ‘ultimate doctor’ is your own body with its highly sophisticated health and repair mechanisms.  Sometimes what that it required is to return your organ function to normal so your body can diagnose and deal with the health problem at hand.

This is what we call correcting the root cause of health problems.  This is the focus of a lot we do.