Acupuncture for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the fascia under the foot that leads to pain and discomfort especially when walking.

Acupuncture treatment can help with pain relief and management of plantar fasciitis.

How Do You Get Plantar Fasciitis?

More women than men seem to have plantar fasciitis, probably because high-heeled shoes tend to place a lot of strain on the underside of the feet.

Sometimes there is a clear cause.  Other times there is not.

The main symptoms are pain or discomfort under the foot either in the foot arch, ball of foot, centre of foot, more towards the heel or a combination of all of these.

Western Medicine Treatment

  • Pain killers or anti-inflammatories to reduce the pain. Whilst this may help reduce pain, it does not deal with the root cause and taking these drugs over the long-term may cause a range of other problems including digestion issues and liver problems.
  • Physical therapy can help to reduce the pain and inflammation but if the inflammation is significant it may aggravate it more. It also requires commitment to do the exercises provided for a period of time.
  • Cortisone shots can be given in more severe or unresponsive cases. But again, this does not deal with the root problem and may only provide short-term relief. Also, you cannot have too many cortisone shots in the one area otherwise it can begin the destroy the surrounding tissue.

Acupuncture works through your central nervous system to increase the blood flow to your feet.

The increased blood flow brings the repair crew (white blood cells, macrophages, collagen, etc..) to the area to help fix the problem.  Also natural pain killers (endorphins and encephalines) to reduce pain and to bring inflammation under control.

Not only do we target short-term pain relief from acupuncture, it also helps to ‘retrain’ your body to repair the problem and keep it in good condition.

Acupuncture is a drug-free therapy that:

  1. Does not require you to do any ongoing exercises – you literally just have to lay there.
  2. May provide you short-term pain relief.
  3. Aims to treats the root cause of the problem for long-term pain relief.

Evidence of how acupuncture can assist with pain relief and management is here.