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Diabetes is Out of Control

Diabetes is Out of Control

Around 1.5 million Australians have been diagnosed with diabetes, with another estimated 1.2 million undiagnosed.  Near 3 million Australians have pre-diabetes.  That’s approximately 25% of the Australian adult population affected by diabetes.

How did it get this bad?

It all comes down to what we are eating and with the official dietary guidelines we have all grown up with that still dominates most professional medical advice and even some of the organisations that represent and lobby for diabetics in Australia.

If the official dietary guidelines are correct then why is 63% of the population now considered overweight or obese and why is the number of diabetics in Australia forecast to reach over 5 million by 2050?  Why are countries that have now adopted Western diets now experiencing skyrocketing diabetes? China alone now has 100 million diabetics.

If you’re thinking that people just don’t follow the official dietary guidelines, well this is certainly true of some people.  But how many people diagnosed with pre-diabetes and diabetes really ignore their health professional’s dietary advice.  When faced with diabetes and the serious consequences, many people will go ahead and follow the dietary advice they are given.

Something is very wrong with what we have always been told is a healthy diet.