Acupuncture In Moonee Ponds & Hoppers Crossing Chinese Medicine For Weightloss And Fertility

Helping You Achieve Your Dreams With Better Health, Less Pain And More Energy


Our Acupuncture treatments are designed to address the root cause of pain by helping to unblock stagnated energy in the body, bringing balance back to the body.

Chinese Medicine 

Using Herbal Medicine practices to help with body imbalances, hormone balancing and weightloss

Weight Loss With Chinese Medicine

If you have tried every diet or weightloss plan with no success, you are now in the right place. The Chinese medicine approach to weight loss is very different to other weight loss programs.

Pregnancy and Infertility 

Dr Sandra uses acupuncture, medicinal herbs, and lifestyle modifications to achieve vibrant health that allows women to conceive naturally or with IVF. In the past 20 years she has helped thousands of couples reach their dreams.

Womens Health

Combining acupuncture with Medicinal Herbs can help to normalise hormone levels and the pain and stress that many women experience when the body has excess inflammation

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese medicine treatment where a glass cup is placed on selected meridians to help blood circulation in that area and promote energy and blood flow.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

We treat every client individually, based on the issues and imbalances they present with at the time of consultation.

At Emperors Acupuncture we will provide a tailored treatment plan, which may include the use of specific or combined services, including Pulse Diagnosis, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Cupping Therapy, and more.

  • Personalised Treatment Plans

  • Acupuncture For Pain Relief

  •  IVF & Fertility Clinic

  • Weight Loss Support

  • Chinese Medicine

  • Herbal Medicine

What Difference Would Less Stress, Less Pain, More Energy and Improved Health Make to Your Life?

The Fertility Essence Method With Dr Sandra Wu

  • Acupuncture and medicinal herbal expert

  • Highly knowledgeable and passionate about fertility

  • For over two decades has worked with thousands of IVF & fertility patients

  • Weight loss support

  • Pain relief acupuncture

  • Author of Fertility Insight, How Modern Stress Impacts Fertility & 5 Traditional Ways to Naturally Boost Fertility

For 20 years Dr Sandra Wu has provided support and guidance to couples striving to have a baby. Her passion and persistence has helped thousands of couples realise their dream!

About Our Acupuncture Clinic And Chinese Medicine Doctors

Dr Sanda Wu (Chinese Medicine)

Over the last 20 years Dr Sandra Wu has treated over 20,000 patients. Many of these people were struggling with issues of pain, fertility, chronic illness, stress and weight loss.  She has an intricate understanding of the different treatment protocols used in Western medicine IVF treatments.

Dr Jesse Georgiadis (Chinese Medicine)

He became interested in Chinese medicine after training martial arts for 13 years and he saw how it helped the body heal from injuries that may have occurred from training. Dr Jesse uses acupuncture, guasha and cupping. His areas of special interest which are Pain, Chronic headaches, migraines, Sinusitis pain, Digestive pain, Injury recovery and pre and post surgery support.

Acupuncture Near You

If you’re looking for Chinese acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, contact Dr Sandra And Dr Jesse today. You can and visit our Moonee Pond Wellness Clinic or Hoppers Crossing Wellness Clinic

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