Why Come to Us?

  • A drug-free heath solution. Medications usually only mask symptoms and many cause unwanted side effects and impact your organ health over time.
  • Returning your body to good health so it can do its job. Your body is a marvellous machine very capable of keeping you in better health, but it can only do this if it is functioning properly. We focus on returning your body to normal function – it knows what to do, it just can’t do it at the moment and it needs help.
  • Treating both the Chinese medicine root cause and the symptoms of disease. Western medicine approaches to treatment generally deal with the branch/symptom (eg. pain relief using medication) but it is the root cause that needs correcting. When we correct the root cause of a symptom, the symptom should improve.
  • An integration of Chinese medicine and Functional medicine for a more rounded and complete view of what is causing your health problems. We simply look at your health differently to Western medicine.
  • A large number of tools to treat you with. Acupuncture, guasha, cupping, Bowen Therapy, diet therapy, supplements, acupressure and myofascial release.
  • Tailored treatment. How we treat you and the treatment tools we use are entirely tailored for your circumstances for the best result. No cookie cutters here!

“Treating both the Chinese medicine root cause & the symptoms with acupuncture & supplements.”

Once we understand what’s wrong we can more effectively help you.”

    • Running one of the most comprehensive alternative medicine diagnostics available through our Initital Assessment we aim to get to bottom of what is causing your health issues and we explain everything to you in plain English. The Initial Assessment is conducted by a Doctor of Chinese medicine and covers:
      • Pulse and tongue diagnosis to determine organ health
      • Muscle function assessment
      • Patient and family health history
      • Body temperatures
      • Diet
      • Blood pressure
      • Adrenal function test
      • Weights and body measurements
      • Body alignment
    • You get a comprehensive explanation of what we find – you won’t be bewildered or left wondering about what we found and what needs to be done.
    • Treating difficult cases that Western medicine can’t because it cannot identify the cause or it doesn’t have the tools to treat it. If you have been told that there’s nothing wrong with you (blood tests, scans, etc…) but you still have pain/ health problems or if your current form of treatment just isn’t working, you need get your health looked at in a different way.
    • Your progress is carefully tracked to ensure that treatment is working. We are fully transparent with all tracking so you can be confident in continuing treatment.
    • See our process here

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dr-wu-testing-patient-pulse (1)
Dr Sandra Wu (Chinese Medicine)
Senior Practitioner
Western Herbs
Chinese pulse diagnosis
Registered with the Chinese Medicine
Board of Australia Member of The Australian Traditional Medicine Association
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Dr Jesse Georgiadis (Chinese Medicine)
Acupuncture, cupping & Guasha
Chinese Herbs
Registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
Member of The Australian Traditional Medicine Association