Your Body is Genetically Designed to Keep You Pain-Free.

Your body’s central nervous system is extremely efficient at repairing problems and keeping you pain-free. Just think about how many times you have injured yourself and your body has fixed the problem.

If You Are in Pain, it Means That Mechanism Has Stopped Working Properly.

If your body is not getting rid of pain, it means that your central nervous system has stopped working properly for that part of your body.

Your body is very capable of fixing itself. In your blood is a tiny army of natural pain killers (endorphins and enkephalins) which are as strong as any pharmaceutical pain killers, but with none of the side effects. These can stop pain dead in its tracks.  Also, in your blood is the repair crew (white blood cells, macrophages, collagen, etc…) whose job it is to repair the problem.

The Emperor’s Pain Elimination Acupuncture is a 2,500 year old treatment that turns your body’s natural healing mechanism on like a light switch. It incorporates gentle muscle and tendon manipulation and gentle acupuncture.

  • Pain relief is often instantaneous
  • There is no aggravation of symptoms (like there can be with other forms of treatment)
  • Your whole central nervous system is now working to fix the problem

Best of all, not only is there immediate pain relief, but we are retraining your body at the same time to keep itself pain-free.  Once the pain is gone your body keeps it gone.

This neurological (global) healing response is how The Emperor’s Pain Elimination Acupuncture is so different to all local treatments that treat (and often aggravate) the local area of pain.

For over 3,000 years, Acupuncture has treated pain and honed its skills in treating chronic pain.  Western medicine is now recognising how effective acupuncture is in treating pain, naturally without the need for drugs or surgery.

Acupuncture provides a unique treatment for pain that:
  •  Requires no exercises on your part (all you have to do is lie there and relax.
  • Resets your body’s natural pain relief and repair mechanisms (so your body can better manage any pain going forward).
  • Often provides instant relief.
  • Is gentle, requiring no harsh movements
  • Makes you feel great!
Emperor’s Acupuncture is one of the busiest pain relief clinics in Melbourne’s northern suburbs whose practitioners have provided over 25,000 treatments to people in pain over the years.
Gardening without pain
Experience the joy of gardening again with less or no pain.
Walking without pain
Remember what it was like to go for a walk without chronic pain?
Playing with the kids without pain
Experience playing with the grandkids without debilitating pain.