Chinese Medicine Weight Loss

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We have a lot of experience in helping people lose weight and keep it off with Chinese medicine weight loss. We help people who are frustrated by their weight, disappointed with their appearance and concerned about their health and want to look and feel good about themselves.

If you can’t seem to lose weight no matter what you eat, how much exercise you do or how many difference diet products you try then you have come to the right place. The Chinese medicine  approach to weight loss is very different to other weight loss programs.

The Problem with Carrying Too Much Weight

  • There are many problems that come with carrying too much weight:

    • Heart health – it is estimated that for every 1 kg of extra fat you carry an additional 11 kilometres of blood vessels you need to feed the area. So if you are carrying 10 kilograms of extra weight, your heart has to support another 110 kilometres of blood vessels by pumping blood through all of it. That’s a lot of extra work your heart has to do. There is also an increased risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.
    • Diabetes – extra fat causes insulin resistance which leads to type II diabetes. Many overweight people are pre-diabetic and don’t even know it.
    • Joint pain – carrying additional weight places considerable extra load on your joints, particularly your knees.
    • Sleep problems – excess weight interferes with sleep. Also sleep apnoea is significantly higher in people who are overweight.
    • Anxiety and depression – we find that many overweight people have weak hearts (from a Chinese medicine perspective) -see heart health above. Weak hearts can manifest in symptoms such as anxiety and depression.
    • Social problems – overweight people are more likely to experience social isolation.
    • Economic consequences – time off work, increased medical costs and even discrimination in the workplace.
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The Chinese Medicine Weight Loss Aproach

  • Return your digestion back to normal function to reduce bloating and bowel problems.
  • Help your body to return your fat-controlling hormones back to normal levels.
  • Help reduce the impact of life stress on your body.
  • See about our 6 week Healthy Weight Program.

Western Approaches to Weight Loss

  • The most common Western approaches to weight loss are:

Caloric restriction diets

– eat less to lose weight. The trouble with this approach is that it’s very difficult to starve yourself. Unless you very carefully manage exactly what you eat it is easy to become malnourished (leading to fatigue, concentration problems, etc.) and once you’ve achieve your goal weight it is almost impossible to continue eating so little so you just put the weight back on.

Increased exercise

burn more calories than you consume. The trouble with this approach is not all people have the time or the motivation to substantially increase their exercise levels (or to maintain them) and not everyone can exercise more (due to pain or injury).

Fad diets

– eat a lot of a particular type of food to lose weight. The potato diet, the rice diet, the fruit diet….. The trouble with these is that whilst you may lose weight, it is not a healthy way to eat (as you simply cannot get all of the nutrients your body needs) and it will lead to malnourishment. Also, you cannot continue to eat this way forever so when you stop eating this way you will just put the weight back on.

  • – when all else has failed people can opt for lapband surgery if they really want or need to lose weight. The major issue is complications*.
    • 70% experience nausea and vomiting after surgery.
    • Up to 37% require another operation to correct problems/complications.
    • Near 18% experience band problems (erosion, intolerance, leak, slippage).
    • Blood clots, constipation, difficulty swallowing.
    • Approaching 3% suffer a bowel perforation during surgery.
    • 14% experience esophageal dilation leading to GERD and vomiting.
    • Food trapping, gallstones, indigestion, food intolerances.
    The long-term effect on your health of having a lap-band is not well understood and therefore largely unknown.