chinese pulse diagnosis

Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis is one of the oldest diagnostic tools utilised in Chinese medicine. In just a few minutes we will examine your radial pulse to reveal your true state of health and the reasons for any health issues resulting in the symptoms you are experiencing.

How Does Pulse Diagnosis Work?

By feeling the subtleties of the flow of blood through your radial artery on your wrist, including the rate, shape, size, depth and strength, we are able to accurately determine the health problems you have.

The pulse also reveals the Chinese Medicine reasons for the health problems you have. This often comes down to blood flow being impeded somewhere in the body.  Blood contains everything the body needs for good health so any restriction in blood flow will of course lead to problems.

Once we establish where blood and oxygen flow is impeded in the body, we can work toward restoring health and longevity using acupuncture.

There is a saying: ‘the pulse reveals the truth’.  Knowing how to read a pulse properly is a powerful diagnostic skill that identifies the real cause of many diseases and health problems so treatment can be more targeted for a faster result.

Mastering pulse diagnosis takes years of training with a Master.  It is not taught in any depth at universities so as a result relatively few practitioners have mastered it. It is as much art as science.

A skilled practitioner can tell you what health issues you have without you saying a word.


How to Experience Pulse Diagnosis

Book in for a 15 minute Free Health Breakthrough Consultation* with one of our Doctors of Chinese Medicine to experience pulse diagnosis.

*This service is provided free by our practitioners. There are no conditions and no other paid services subsidise these free appointments.