Sports Injury Acupuncture

  • Reducing pain
  • Helping to reinstate muscle strength
  • Helping to returning the body to peak performance

Injury leads to inflammation leads to pain making your muscles and joints sensitive to touch and movement.  Scar tissue forms causing even more inflammation.  The pain-inflammation-pain cycle continues making it very difficult to recover and return to peak performance.

Acupuncture treatment can help with pain relief and management of sports injuries.

Finding & Treating the Injury AND Its Cause

Most injuries come from other areas in the body that are not working properly or are too weak to support the area of the body where you are experiencing pain.  Pain is often a consequence of problems elsewhere.

For example chronic knee pain can be brought on and sustained by muscle weakness in the hips.  Only by locating and treating the cause (in this example the muscles in the hips) will the knee return to normal function and strength.

We have a system of testing your muscles to find out exactly where the problems are.  And this is exactly what we do with you at your first treatment.

You will experience for yourself the difference that even your first treatment can make in your strength and function. Once we find the cause of problems, we treat it with multiple tools to get the best improvement in the shortest possible time.

We usually don’t need to prescribe any exercises either.

Breaking the Pain-Inflammation-Pain Cycle

  • By correcting your muscle function, we can break the pain-inflammation-pain cycle to restore your body to normal function so you can continue to compete in your sport at your highest level of performance.

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