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Acupuncture Momentum

Acupuncture Momentum

Acupuncture works on momentum.  Whilst on a very rare occasion I fix a patient in one treatment, most patients need a series of treatment to get better.

Why Does Acupuncture Usually Require a Series of Treatments?

Acupuncture works by stimulating and retraining the body’s natural repair mechanism.  When we hurt ourselves, the central nervous system increases blood flow to the area of pain.  Within the blood are the painkillers (natural opioids to reduce pain) and the repair crew to fix the problem (macrophages, collagen, white blood cells, etc…).  So the body repairs the problem and gets on with things.

When we have pain for more than 2 to 3 months (chronic pain), the body’s self-repair mechanism has stopped working in the area of pain.  Acupuncture stimulates the central nervous system to restart this process.  The process restarts within seconds of inserting the needles, with most patients experiencing an 80 to 100% reduction in pain within 10 seconds.

However, because the self-repair process is used to not working in the area of the pain, after the acupuncture it tends to go back to how it was before the acupuncture. How long it takes to go back tells us roughly how much treatment will be required to retrain the body to do what it should have been doing all along.  If the pain only stays away for a few hours, more acupuncture melbourne sessions are required to fix the problem than if the pain stayed away for a week.

Acupuncture Retrains the Body

By working at a neurological level, acupuncture is one of the only treatment modalities for pain that retrains the body to look after itself.  Once we do that, we aim for you to be pain-free or significantly better without needing continuous, regular treatments.

Maintenance Acupuncture May Be Required

If your lifestyle (posture, work, exercise types, etc…) led to the pain problem and you continue to live that lifestyle, the pain will likely come back.  This is when occasional acupuncture maintenance treatments are required to keep everything in check.