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Why Most Approaches to Losing Weight FAIL

Why Most Approaches to Dropping Those Extra Kilos FAIL

In the long-run most approaches to weight loss fail because they don’t address the reasons why you put weight on in the first place.

Which of these approaches to weight loss have you tried?

  • Burning fat by exercising madly – gym-junkie, body challenge…
  • Specific food diets – juice diet, water diet, coffee diet, meat diet…
  • Prepared food deliveries
  • Calorie-counting programs
  • Protein shake programs

When you stopped, did you just put the weight back on?

The reason is that you just reverted back to your old ways – the ways that led to you putting weight on in the first place.

And the reason why you went back to your old ways is that the things you were doing to lose weight did little to retrain your body and your preferences so you didn’t want to go back.

  • Did you still crave certain foods?
  • Were you will still an emotional eater?
  • Did you still get hungry all the time?
  • Did you still eat out of boredom?
  • Did you get sick of exercising all the time?

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