6 Easy Ways to STOP Gastric Reflux

6 Easy Ways to STOP Gastric Reflux

If you suffer from reflux/heartburn, here’s 6 easy things you can do at home to stop it.

In Chinese medicine terms you get gastric reflux because you have either too much heat in your stomach (so your reflux erupts like a volcano) or your digestion is too weak to properly digest and cope with certain foods.

6 Easy Ways to Stop Reflux

  1. Reduce the amount of spicy food you eat – cut right down on the chilli, curry and black pepper. More moderate spices like paprika, ginger and cinnamon are usually ok.
  2. Reduce coffee – caffeine is a gut irritant. Cut down on your coffee intake or try switching to caffeine-free or to green or black tea (these have caffeine but seem to cause far fewer problems).
  3. Don’t eat too late – eating late and then lying down can cause gastric acid to bubble up causing bad reflux. Make sure you don’t eat for at least 2 hours before you go to bed.
  4. Cut-down on alcohol – alcohol tends to irritate the gut and bring on reflux. Reduce your alcohol consumption or at least pay attention to the types of alcohol that brings-on your reflux (e.g. wine may be ok but beer makes it worse).
  5. Reduce your intake of sugar and highly processed carbs (e.g. typically processed wheat products) – these types of foods are typically hard for people to digest. If you have digestion issues it is more likely you will have trouble dealing with these types of foods.
  6. Massage pressure point Ren 12 – there is an acupuncture pressure point on the midline of your body exactly halfway between your belly button and your sternum. Simply locate this point and use your index finger to press and massage the point in small circular pattern for a few minutes a day and whenever you experience reflux.

The 6 tips above many help reduce reflux.