Falling Pregnant is Only Half the Story

Falling Pregnant is Only Half the Story

If you have had trouble conceiving you will probably (and totally understandably) be quite focussed on conceiving and putting all you efforts into this.

Conceiving is obviously incredibly important, but it does signify the start of a much longer process that you will need to go through to give birth to a healthy baby.

If you are doing IVF then all efforts are on creating an environment where you can conceive. It is the main goal of IVF – to conceive.

But to carry a healthy baby to term you must be healthy and strong.

This is the second half of the story.

Carrying a baby to full term is perhaps one of the greatest physical and emotional challenges you will ever face.  If you are healthy and strong you will likely more comfortably cope with your pregnancy – less fatigue, less pain, more active and fewer symptoms.

But perhaps most importantly if you are healthy and strong it is much more likely that your baby will be healthy and strong.  This will benefit your child’s health for their whole life.


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