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Acupuncture – First or Last Resort

Acupuncture – First or Last Resort

The reality is that acupuncture in Melbourne for many is a last resort.  It is usually only after Western medicine has failed to address or fix a health issue that people turn to acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  As a result, many of the cases we see in the clinic are difficult and chronic cases. Couple this with the fact that patients have to pay for acupuncture (no Medicare rebates) and it means that practitioners who run thriving private practices must be very, very good at what they do and get results.

Things are Changing for Acupuncture

As more and more medical clinics are charging a gap payment for a GP visit, patients are starting to really think about where they want to spend their health dollar. As these co-payments get larger, more patients will seek out non-drug treatments for their health issues. Also, as the medical system introduces more para-medical services (i.e. where it is a nurse or other support professional rather than the doctor providing services) this will likely encourage more people to see a Doctor of Chinese Medicine as a first resort.  Also, patients generally get more time and hands on care with a Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture in China

Acupuncture is much more integrated in with Western medical services in Chinese hospitals.  Many patients will concurrently see both Chinese and Western medical doctors for the best health outcome.  For example the patient may receive drugs to treat the symptom while the root cause of the problem is addressed with acupuncture.

Acupuncture Becoming a First Resort Treatment

Patients who have previously seen us and been helped are more likely to see us first for any new health problems. People who don’t want drugs or surgery will also see us first. People who have been through the entire Western medicine treadmill with no help will see us as a last resort, often wishing they came to us first.

Acupuncture Aims to Fix the Chinese Medicine Root Cause

Acupuncture aims to fix the Chinese medicine root cause of health problems so they don’t come back.  As a general rule, Western medicine addresses the symptom rather than the root cause, which is why when you come off any medications the problem will come back.

Acupuncture is a very old, advanced and sophisticated forms of medicine.