Endometriosis Pain

Endometriosis Discomfort

Endometriosis pain is the major symptom of endometriosis. There are many different types of pain you may experience depending on where the endometrial growths and scaring are in your body.

Pain tends to come with your cycle.  The endometrial cells are supposed to grow and then shed as part of your cycle.  This happens naturally as it should in your uterus.  But when endometrial cells start to grow elsewhere, they also grow and shed causing pain.

Endometriosis pain is often described as ‘much worse than cramps’.  And non-prescription pain killers usually don’t touch it.

The Different Types of Endometriosis Pain

Lower abdomen pain

Lower abdominal pain is the most common area of pain.  This is because because endometrial adhesions, cysts and scaring tend to form in the pelvis.

Lower back pain

Endometrial cells can also grow in your lower back to cause pain.  Often all the usual therapies like back acupuncture or chiro won’t work if this is what’s causing the pain.

Leg pain

Scaring and adhesions can occur around your sciatic nerve to create pain in your buttocks or down your leg.

Bowel pain

Rectovaginal endometriosis can form in the area between your bowel and vagina.  This can cause pain when going number 2, diarrhoea and irritable bowels.

Painful urination

Again, cells and scaring can occur in your bladder to cause pain when urinating.

Ovary pain

Scaring and lesions called endometriomas can form on your ovaries.  This can create pain as the endometrial cells grow and leak along with your cycle.

Pain during intercourse

Scaring can form painful nodules in your cervix to cause pain during sex.  The pain is typically a stabbing pain that can last a few days afterwards.

Migraine pain

Some people with endometriosis seem to get very bad migraines during their period. The mechanism is not understood by Western medicine.  However, Chinese medicine often finds the cause in blood deficiency and/or blood stasis.

Getting Help to Alleviate Endometriosis Pain

Acupuncture for endometriosis pain treatment may help with pain relief and management.

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Evidence of how acupuncture can assist with pain relief and management is here.