Where Do Chinese Herbs Come From?

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Where Do Chinese Herbs Come From?

Chinese herbs are generally produced in Asian countries.  But you might find it surprising that we think the best quality Chinese herbs are not produced in China – they’re produced in Taiwan.

Our view is that Taiwanese manufacturers have the highest quality Chinese herbs in the world.  They have the best raw herbs and quality control.

Chinese herbs broadly come in 3 forms: raw; powdered; and capsules.

But which is best?

Raw Chinese herbs are the strongest form of herbs.  But the quality control is not as good and the number of herbs that can be put into a herbal formula is limited (you can only fit so many into a packet).  Also, you have to cook them up at home so it requires more effort and they can really stink your house out!

Capsules are incredibly convenient – you just pop them in your mouth and wash them down.  So easy. But we cannot tailor these pre-made formulas for you and they are the weakest form of herbs.

Finally, powdered Chinese herbs is our preference.  They are highly concentrated, very high quality and allow us to tailor formulas for exactly what you need.  They’re also convenience as you just add water and drink them like a tea.

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