What We Treat

Become Healthy and Pain-Free Naturally

Chinese medicine is one of the most comprehensive forms of natural medicine for chronic health problems.

We work with patients, and where relevant, their other health practitioners, to treat a wide range of symptoms associated with the following conditions.

Pain Relief

Acupuncture can reduce or eliminate pain associated with the following: Musculoskeletal disorders, back pain, tennis elbow pain, tendonitis, headaches, migraines, temporomandibular pain, bursitis pain, elbow pain, bells’ palsy, meniere’s pain, neurological pain, shoulder pain, sciatica pain, arthritis pain, intercostal neuralgia pain, fibromyalgia pain, trigeminal pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel pain, plantar fasciitis pain, hip pain, knee pain and ankle pain.

Don’t like needles? Consider Bowen Therapy.

Women’s Health

Period pain, endometriosis pain, stress, IVF support and pregnancy support (nausea and pain).


A healthy whole-of-body approach to ageing.

Weight Loss

In a special combination of Chinese herbs, acupuncture and diet we offer an form of weight loss that doesn’t require you to count calories or exercise excessively.