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There’s More Than One Way to Look at Your Health

There’s More Than One Way to Look at Your Health

Are you experiencing a health issue where your usual health practitioner either:

  • Doesn’t know what the cause of it is?
  • Hasn’t been able to treat it?
  • Tells you to just live with it?

Or possibly all three!

Chinese medicine looks at your health in a completely different way.

We look at how well your organs are functioning using a different set of diagnostic tools including medical pulse diagnosis, adrenal function test, temperatures and questions very different to what you will have been asked before.

Many times an organ is not diseased, but it’s general function is poor leading to the symptoms you are experiencing.

Dysfunction of specific organs lead to specific symptoms. For example if your liver function is not what it should be you may experience any of sleep problems, fatigue, low mood, irritability and digestive issues.

So rather than trying to stop a symptom with a medication (basically hiding the problem), get treatment to return your organ function to normal to stop the symptom from happening in the first place.

This is called treating the root cause of the health problem.

There are health issues that cannot be explained well by Western medicine (e.g IBS or fibromyalgia) that have very clear (and treatable) causes in Chinese medicine.

Ultimately you are responsible for your own health.

If you aren’t getting the answers or the help that you need through the usual practitioners you see, come and see me for a completely different view of your health and a completely different set of treatment tools and techniques to help you.

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