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The Emperor’s Medicine

Chinese medicine was used by China’s emperors with the sole aims of keeping them strong and healthy and to live very long lives.

The Emperor wanted to be able to fight and procreate for as long as possible.

Being the Emperor’s Chinese medicine physician was both a blessing and a curse.

It was a blessing in that it was a coveted position, close to the Emperor with all of the trimmings and rewards that such a position would hold. All in a time when life was difficult for most.

But it was a curse in that the physician was personally responsible for the Emperor’s health. If the Emperor fell ill, the practitioner had failed and would at best be replaced and at worst be executed!

Just imagine if these rules were in place today. You’d be getting some pretty high quality health care wouldn’t you! 😊

The practitioner did everything he could to master his medicine to keep the Emperor healthy and strong and to save his own life.

The Chinese medicine practitioner was also charged with looking after the health of the Emperor’s wives. One of the main diagnostic tools he used was pulse diagnosis, which meant he would have to use his fingers to feel the radial pulse on the arms of his patients.

But nobody was permitted to touch the Emperor’s wives. Not even the Emperor’s Doctor of Chinese medicine. So, the practitioner had to figure out a way to read a pulse without actually touching his patient.

The ingenious solution was to run three fine, taut, silk strings over the lady’s wrist and for the practitioner to read her pulse by touching only the silk string.
The practitioner had to develop incredibly sensitive fingers and touch.

We also read your radial pulse using a highly sensitive touch that we’ve developed from reading tens of thousands of pulses. (But we don’t have any silk string, so we’ll have to touch your wrist 😊).

At Emperor’s Acupuncture, we practise the Emperor’s medicine to keep people healthy and strong. We help alleviate or eliminate health problems and help to steer our patients away from potentially more serious health problems down the track.

If you’d like to experience the Emperor’s medicine and Chinese pulse diagnosis, you can book in for a Free 15 minute Health Breakthrough Consultation.

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