Stage 4 Lockdown

Stage 4 Lock-down

During the stage 4 lock-down, the Victorian Government has released specific guidelines about which businesses can stay open and which businesses cannot.

All allied health practitioners (ie. acupuncturists, chiros, physios, etc…) have had specific requirements placed on them to justify seeing patients.  In a nutshell, allied health clinics can only see patients who require treatment to prevent a significant change/deterioration in functional independence necessitating escalation of care.  So this means you need our care to:

  1. Avoid specialist or GP review
  2. Avoid an increase in care needs and/or alternate accommodation
  3. Avoid hospital admission or emergency department presentation

If you are not sure if you meet this criteria, please call us on 99881928 so we can advise you. There are large fines in place ($100k for us and $20k for patients) for breaching these conditions so while we are certainly still here to help you, we need to be comfortable that we are doing so within the Government guidelines of this very unusual time.

We apologise for this but given the situation, it’s out of our hands. We understand this may be distressing and that this will be a really difficult time for many.

Evergreen Natural Health (co-located with Emperor’s Acupuncture) is providing Teleheath consultations to all patients over this period to help them through.  You can book a teleheath consultation with Evergreen Natural Health below.