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Normal or Common

Normal or Common

Have you ever been told that your scans, blood tests and even your health condition is ‘normal’ and then wondered ‘how can the fact that I am in pain/discomfort be normal?’

When a test comes back as ‘normal’ this often really means ‘common’.  In other words, so many people have it that it has now become ‘normal’.

Here’s examples of what is now considered normal because it is so common.

  • Period pain is now so common that it is considered normal. It is not normal to have period pain.
  • Systolic blood pressure of 130 is now so common that it is considered normal. It is not normal to have systolic blood pressure this high.
  • Back pain is so common in 60+ year olds that it is now considered ‘normal’.  It is not normal to have and live with back pain.
  • Blood test results come with a reference to ‘normal’ ranges, but many of these could also be considered ‘common’ not ‘normal’.

Medically, the term ‘optimal’ has now emerged as a descriptor of where results should really be for patients to be truly considered healthy.

So in a nutshell ‘normal’ really means ‘common’ and ‘optimal’ really means ‘normal’.

Health is an Absence of Symptoms

Symptoms are markers of health problems.  If you have symptoms, there is something not right with your health.

If you have health symptoms that you have been told are normal and that you should just learn to live with them, you may need to seek other advice.

We offer a FREE Health Breakthrough Consultation* where you can sit down with us to talk about your health problem.  By reading your pulse we’ll diagnose what’s causing your health problems and advise you the best way to treat it using acupuncture, supplements and diet.

*This service is provided free by our practitioners. There are no conditions and no other paid services subsidise these free appointments.