New Year’s Resolutions for Your Liver

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Liver

If you were to ask your liver what its New Year’s resolutions are, what do you think it would say? Well, the answer depends what sort of year you had in the last 12 months.  Here’s a quick Chinese Medicine check to see if you have been kind to your liver in the last 12 months – or not.

What Your Liver Hates

  1. Too much stress.
  2. Too much alcohol.
  3. Too many late nights.
  4. Too much processed and rich food.

Too much of any of these will make your liver unhappy.

Signs Your Liver is Not Happy

  1. You become easily irritated.
  2. You’re frustrated.
  3. You don’t sleep well.
  4. You always have tight neck and shoulder muscles.
  5. You think too much and can’t shut off.
  6. You get bloating and reflux.
  7. You get bad PMT and period pain.

If you have any of these, your liver isn’t happy.  If you have nearly all of these your liver is seriously unhappy!

Remember, we are talking about how your liver functions from a Chinese Medicine perspective.  It just means that your liver is out of balance and is not doing its job properly and it’s starting to affect your health.

How to Make Your Liver Happy this Year

  • Learn to relax – do whatever you have a passion for eg. painting, photography, sport … anything where you become totally absorbed in what you are doing and you forget about all of the things that are stressing you out. This total absorption is an active form of meditation (and frankly much easier than trying to sit there and empty your mind).
  • Ease up on the booze – some alcohol is absolutely fine for most people, just watch how much and how often.
  • Get to sleep by 11pm – according to Chinese Medicine, your body ‘works on’ (i.e. does a daily service and tune up) different organs at different times of the day. Your body works on your gall bladder from 11pm to 1am and your liver from 1am to 3am (your liver and gall bladder are closely related and affect each other).  If you are not asleep during these times, your gall bladder and liver only get a basic service and not the full service and oil change they need.
  • Go easy on the junk food – highly processed sugars and carbohydrates really make your liver work hard. Eat more veggies, particularly raw and darker coloured veggies like spinach, beetroot, carrot and broccoli as they help clean out your liver.


 Chinese Medicine Makes Your Liver Happy Again

Chinese medicine practitioners are experts at helping return your liver function back to normal so you feel calmer and more relaxed, sleep better, have better digestion and little or no period pain.  Acupuncture and supplements are used together to return your liver to a natural state of good health.

What will your liver’s New Year’s resolution be this year?