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Massage or Acupuncture?

Massage or Acupuncture?

What’s the difference and which one is better?


  • improves blood circulation to help the body eliminate waste and increase nutrients to the area massaged;
  • releases nerve compression (by the muscles) to help relive nerve pain;
  • relaxes muscles; and
  • feels great!


Acupuncture does everything massage does, but in addition it:

  • ‘reprograms’ your central nervous system so your body keeps the affected areas more relaxed and increases the blood flow all the time – not just during the acupuncture session;
  • causes your body to release endorphins and enkephalins – the body’s natural feel-good hormones. This is why you feel so good after acupuncture!;
  • takes less time per treatment to achieve the same result – acupuncture is 15-20 minutes versus 1 hour’s massage;
  • is highly affecting at treating joints as well as muscles.

However, I think that massage can be better for acute injuries.  And acupuncture melbourne is better for chronic problems and joint issues than massage.