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Is Being In Pain Normal?

Is Being In Pain Normal?

Pain effects so many people that it begs the question: ‘Is being in pain normal?’

Common – yes.  Normal – no!

We have patients who have been told by others that they will just have to put up with their pain and take pain-killers when they need it. But this is often not the case.

Your central nervous system is designed to keep your body pain-free. If you have been in pain for a while it means that the pain has become chronic and your body’s mechanism of dealing with pain has stopped working for that part of your body.

While pain medications can provide temporary relief, they do nothing to reset your body’s pain-relief mechanism and if taken over the long-term they can create stomach, liver and kidney problems.

Another approach is to get your body’s own powerful pain-relief mechanism working again and this is exactly what acupuncture is designed to do.  Done well, acupuncture kick-starts your body’s pain-relief mechanism immediately (like turning on a light switch) and will usually provide pain relief.

Just think of your body as a house and your central nervous system your circuit breaker. If a circuit breaker has been triggered for the part of your body that’s in chronic pain, it’s simply not going to work properly until the switch is turned on again.  Acupuncture turns these switches on again.

Depending on how you respond to acupuncture, you may need additional treatments to reset your body so it keeps you pain-free, naturally.