Infection Control

Increased Good Health Measures

To keep you healthy so you can continue to receive your treatments at this difficult time, we have implemented the following good health measures at our clinic:

  • your practitioner will wear a face mask for the entire appointment
  • the treatment table linen will be changed between every client
  • all acupuncture patients will be treated face-up (to avoid the use of the face cradle)
  • the room will be sprayed with disinfectant between patients to kill any airborne viruses
  • time in the waiting area will be limited to a few minutes with only one patient allowed in the waiting room at a time
  • all surfaces will be regularly disinfected
  • your practitioner will thoroughly wash their hands and forearms with disinfectant wash between clients
  • if the practitioner experiences any cold or flu symptoms all appointments will be cancelled
  • on arrival, all patients will be asked if they are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms. Those who are will be required to reschedule for 2+ weeks time.

These measures will reduce/kill any airborne or surface viruses to keep you safe while you receive your treatment.