How Chinese Herbs Work

How Chinese Herbs Work

Chinese herbs

…are made from plants. It can be the whole plant or just the root, bark, leaf or fruit. In fact, a number of different Chinese herbs can come from the one plant (just the different parts of it).

The plant is broken down into a highly concentrated powder form, which is usually five times as concentrated as the plant it came from.

The individual herbs are then mixed together in a formula specific to your needs.

Formulas can be simple and contain just a few herbs.  Others are more complex and contain over 50 herbs.

Like Western medication, Chinese herbs will do specific things in the body.  This includes actions like improving blood flow, reducing pain, calming, cooling, heating, stopping bleeding, reducing inflammation and improving energy levels.

But unlike with many Western medications, Chinese herbs should not result in any side effects.  And if they do a practitioner should change the formula to stop these from happening.

Chinese herbal formulas will often treat both the symptoms of a health problem AND the root cause of the problem at the same time.  The goal is to both alleviate symptoms now and stop them coming back.

Western medication generally focuses only on the symptom and does not treat the root cause of the disease.

Chinese herbs deliver the healing benefits of the natural plant in a formula designed specifically for you.

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