High-Quality Herbs

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High-Quality Herbs

High-Quality Herbs

You may recall some adverse media surrounding Chinese herbs about a year ago. These reports were about some adulterants (things that shouldn’t be in there) for a few brands of manufactured Chinese herbs.

What Was the Problem?

Chinese herbs come in three forms: pills, powder and raw. Pills are pre-manufactured formulae that come as little black pills or capsules.  Powders are produced by cooking and distilling the essences from raw herbs.  Raw herbs are literally the actual plant, fruit, leaf or root/tuber cut up and usually dried.

The problem was with a particular brand of pre-manufactured pills. When tested a number of adulterants were found including Viagra and pain killers – not want you want in natural medicines!

These pills were not Australian licensed and therefore did not meet Australian standards.  It is most likely that they were imported directly from China by the practitioner involved.

Why Our Herbs Are High-Quality

  • We mainly use high-strength powdered herbs, not pills.
  • The powdered herbs are subject to rigorous quality testing for pesticides, metals and adulterants.
  • Any pills we prescribe are Australian licenced and approved for consumption in Australia.
  • Our powdered herbs are manufactured in Taiwan, which is known for its high-quality manufacturing processes.
  • We consume the herbs ourselves – if they’re good enough for you they’re good enough for us.

You can be confident that we only prescribe high quality herbs and use only high quality, single-use, stainless steel acupuncture needles.

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