30 Minute Health Reboot Lunch Workshop

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The 30 Minute Health Reboot Lunch Workshop

  • A free 30 minute workshop designed to give staff a health boost
  • Packed with useful, actionable information and tips staff can do themselves
  • Delivered by an AHPRA registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine
  • Includes lunch provided by us for up to 20 people

We have completed over 50,000 patient visits.  Having helped so many people we have really fine-tuned the general health advice we give people.

This lunch workshop* is all about sharing what we have learned with the top 5 areas where people can make small changes to achieve big changes to their health.

There are so many people with health problems.  We have an important role to play in our community to help people to help themselves.

Our sole aim is to provide great value, actionable information and the motivation for people to make small, but very effective, changes to improve their health.  We are not selling anything.

What We Cover in the Workshop

We cover the top 5 ways to reboot your health:

  • Sleep – Can’t sleep?  7 simple tips to help you sleep like a baby.
  • Food – Not sure what to eat?  A Chinese medicine guide to good eating.
  • Relaxation – Feeling stressed?  3 easy ways to calm and centre yourself.
  • Exercise – Is hard or gentle exercise best?  What the Chinese have learned over the last 3000 years.
  • Acupressure – In Pain?  How to use acupressure to self-treat neck & back pain, headaches and to relieve stress.  We teach you how to do it so you can help yourself.

We Provide Lunch

Most of our 30 Minute Health Reboots are done during lunch so we make it easier by providing lunch to your staff so they don’t miss out!

To Book

  • The 30 Minute Health Reboot Workshop is provided free of charge.
  • The minimum attendees is 5 and the maximum is 20.
  • The workshop is conducted on your premises.
  • Your business is ideally located in Melbourne city or in any suburb north of Melbourne city.  Melbourne’s Eastern and South Eastern suburbs are just too far for us to go – sorry 😊
  • To book simply contact us using the contact form below and we’ll be in contact with you soon.

Your Presenter Dr Bruce Stafford

Dr Bruce Stafford (Chinese Medicine) is a registered health practitioner with AHPRA.  Bruce is the founder of Emperor’s Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine (https://emperorsacupuncture.com.au/)- one of Melbourne’s busiest Chinese medicine clinics.

Bruce and his staff have completed over 50,000 patient visits to amass an enormous amount of experience in treating a very wide range of health problems.

Bruce has studied with some of the world’s best practitioners from Taiwan, USA and Australia.

In a previous career, Bruce was the Executive Manager of Marketing for some of the largest corporations in Australia. This provides Bruce a unique insight into corporate and business  life and how it impacts health.

Bruce is also a published author, Tai Chi and Qigong instructor.

Bruce delivers the 30 Minute Health Reboot in a fun and entertaining way!  Attendees will leave the session with the simple tools and tips and the motivation to start improving their health straight away.

About Dr Bruce Stafford (Chinese Medicine)

  • Doctor of Chinese Medicine
  • Acupuncture and diet
  • Published author
  • Chinese pulse diagnosis
  • Registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (AHPRA)
  • Member of The Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association
Dr Bruce pulse

Dr Bruce Stafford
(Chinese Medicine)

*This service is provided free by our practitioners. There are no conditions and no other paid services subsidise this free service.

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