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Good health is the absence of symptoms

Good health is the absence of symptoms

Broadly there are two types of disease:

  1. Serious, life-threatening disease (like heart disease and cancer); and
  2. Chronic non life-threatening disease (like chronic reflux, IBS, back pain, insomnia and fatigue).

Many people have the chronic non life-threatening kind.  They just live with the symptoms: the pain, the discomfort and the disruption to their lives.

Many people have had these symptoms for so long that they have become ‘normal’ to them and they just put up with them and try to manage the symptoms through medications.

But it’s only when they stop experiencing the symptoms do they realise what an enormous impact those symptoms have had on their lives, relationship and work.

We’ve had plenty of patients who have told us something like: ‘I had no idea how bad I was until I felt better!’

Symptoms are signs of problems.  Generally, the more symptoms you have, the more that’s not going right with your health.

Symptoms usually give way to more serious disease over time.

Good health is the absence of symptoms.