a tiny car represents your body

Getting Your Little Car (Body) Working Properly

If your health hasn’t been the best for a while, it means your body has stopped doing the job it was designed to do in keeping you healthy and happy.

The human body is such a marvel of design, very capable of maintaining and repairing itself.  But it is a very complex machine.

If your body was your car, it’s like you’re driving around with a tiny army of car mechanics, paint polishers and upholstery cleaners in the boot.  Every time you stop driving, they should all jump out and do their thing to keep your car in top shape.

But sometimes your army of tiny body mechanics can’t get out of the boot to do their job and your little car falls into disrepair.  You then start to experience symptoms that you shouldn’t.

Chinese medicine can really get your body working well again so your little mechanics can get to it every day.  We use acupuncture, supplements and diet to get things moving and functioning as they should.

This daily self-maintenance (most of which happens when you sleep) is so important to keep your very complex machine running on all 8 cylinders.

And when you run on all cylinders you feel good, healthy and energised.

So, if your little car isn’t working as it should, come and see us for a Free 15 Minute Check-up.

We’ll tell you what your little mechanics are doing (or not doing) and how we can get them working well again.

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