Free 15 Minute Health Breakthrough Consultation to Find Out if We Can Help You

Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

Chinese Pulse Diagnosis is an extremely old art form that dates back thousands of years.  It involves the practitioner reading your radial pulse at your wrist.  By reading the differences in the subtleties of your blood flow through your radial artery, we are able to tell you a great deal about your health including pinpointing the root cause of many health issues.

Our patients are usually surprised at what we can reveal about their health through medical pulse diagnosis.

We always read your radial pulse at your first appointment so we can correctly diagnose your health issue and also at follow up appointments to track how treatments are progressing.

If you’d like to try to resolve your health issue naturally, the first step is to book a Free Health Breakthrough Consultation (including Chinese Pulse Diagnosis).

This is a free appointment for new patients considering treatment at our clinic but would like to discuss their situation with us first.  At this appointment we will carry out Chinese Pulse Diagnosis at advise you of our findings and let you know if we believe we can help you.  It’s a great way to meet our practitioners, receive a Chinese Pulse Diagnosis and then decide if you would like to book in for treatment.

Many of our patients first came to our clinic this way.  Chinese Medicine takes a different approach to your health to Western medicine. And this different approach to health has been the health solution that so many of our patients have been looking for.

If you have a stubborn health issue or want to use natural medicine to help improve or resolve your health issue, I encourage you to book in for a Free 15 Minute Health Breakthrough Consultation.

I look forward to meeting you!

Dr Sandra (Chinese Medicine)