Your Fertility Cup

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Your Fertility Cup

Your Fertility Cup

In Chinese medicine much of your fertility and reproductive function comes down to the strength of your Kidneys.

Your Kidneys are the source of your strength in being to generate new life through conception and carrying to term.

Strong Kidney function means stronger fertility.

We liken your Kidney strength to a cup.  If your cup is full then it can overflow into new life easily.  If it is not, then it will be more difficult to conceive.

We call it your Fertility Cup*.

How full your cup is depends on the following:

What you were born with

Some people are born with full cups and others are not.  Generally, the younger you were at menarche the more full your cup was.

How hard you’ve worked

Working hard (mentally or physically) for long hours depletes your Fertility Cup*.

What you’ve eaten and the condition of your digestion.

Poor digestive function (bloating, loose bowels, reflux, etc..) and poor foods (processed and nutrition-deficient foods) depletes your fertility cup.  Good food and digestion refills your fertility cup.

Your stress levels

High stress levels impact your whole body and depletes your Fertility Cup*.

Your Temperature

If you are too cold your Fertility Cup* will have trouble filling.  If you check your oral temperature first thing in the morning before you get out of bed and it’s less than 36.3 degrees, then you are too cold.  Also, if you generally feel cold (ie. you’re wearing a jumper while everyone around you gets around in T-shirts) you are probably too cold too.

Your Toxin Load

Toxins include pathogens (viruses, bacteria and parasites), chemicals (like plastics, pesticides), heavy metals (like mercury) and radiation (from electronics use). We all have many of these toxins but often the load is so great that the body cannot cope and can no longer function as it should.

So What Can You Do to Refill Your Fertility Cup*?

  • Eat well – eat highly nutritious foods (mainly fruit and veg).
  • Orchestrate a better work/life balance and do your best to remove stressors from your life.
  • Tell your body it’s now ok to fall pregnant.  This can be done through meditation or through affirmations.
  • Warm up – do things to start to warm your basal temperature up.
  • Help you body deal with and reduce your toxin load.

More on all of these in future posts.

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