Why Are We So Tired All of the Time?

Why Are We So Tired All of the Time?

So many people are just exhausted.  They struggle their way through the day and after taking care of dinner and the kids they either collapse into bed or in front of the TV.  No energy left for anything else – no exercise, no conversation and certainly no sex.  These couples are known as TINS – Two Incomes No Sex . They ask themselves: ‘why am I so tired?’.

So Why Are We So Fatigued?

There are three reasons why we are so tired: fight-or-flight; poor diet; and weak hearts.


We are constantly in fight-or-flight mode because of the stresses of modern living.  This means that our adrenaline levels are up and our body is charged to stand and fight or to run away. Back in prehistoric days this fight-or-flight mechanism only kicked in once in a while when we were confronted by a predator and were in real danger.  We had to either fight or run and we needed a burst of energy to do it.

But today we are in this fight-or-flight mode every day.  Workplaces, difficult people, relationship stress and financial stress all keep us charged up.  The consequence is that we are pumped up all day and crash when we get home.  It also means that our adrenals are maxed out.

Poor Diet

The food we eat is not as nutrient-dense as it used to be, so even if we eat pretty well, we don’t get the same nutrition from our food as we used to. We eat way too many high-carbohydrate and high GI foods which sees our energy spiking and crashing and causes skyrocketing diabetes and obesity rates. Poor nutrition also weakens our organ function (particularly the heart) which then makes us tired.

Sometimes digestion issues like IBS, bloating or reflux can impact your ability to absorb nutrients, which can also make us tired.

Weak Hearts

High adrenaline levels make our heart work harder (in readiness for the flight or the flight).  Just like any other muscle in the body, the heart gets maxed out through overuse. A weaker heart doesn’t pump blood (along with the oxygen and nutrients in it) throughout the body well enough.  This poor blood flow makes you extremely tired and everything else in the body starts to go haywire because of the poor blood flow.  So you can see how this becomes a vicious circle of declining health.


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