Eating to Refill Your Fertility Cup

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Eating to Refill Your Fertility Cup

Eating to Help Refill Your Fertility Cup

Your Fertility Cup* reflects the strength of your reproductive function and ability to conceive.

If your Fertility Cup is empty you need to refill it to conceive and carry a healthy baby to term.

One of the ways to refill your Fertility Cup is through what you eat.

Rather than diving into copious details about the specific foods to eat and avoid, which will probably only cause you further stress (another factor that empties your cup) I’ll give you overall general guidelines here.

Eat More of These to Refill Your Fertility Cup*

  • Fruit and Vege – so good for your body in so many ways. Fruit in particular is great: ‘Eat fruit to produce fruit’. Fruit and vege cleanses your system and provides great nutrition. They also contain high quality glucose, which is needed for healthy reproductive function. Fruit and vege teaming with ‘pro fertility’ compounds include wild berries, bananas, oranges, avocados, grapes, melons, cucumbers, limes, cherries, spinach, kale, artichokes, garlic, asparagus, potatoes, sprouts and raw honey.
  • Whole Foods – eat foods as nature intended – whole.  So eat the whole potato (skin and all) rather than make mashed potato from a packet.  Organic is is course best as it helps to reduce your toxin load.  But if you can’t do all organic, try to the following organic: potatoes, leafy greens, broccoli and celery.  Otherwise standard fruit and vege is fine but wash things well.

Eat Moderately

  • Good Fats – good fats such as those in avocado and nuts can trigger beneficial hormone production but don’t go overboard.  Your liver dislikes all fats and it will compromise your liver function if you eat too much of it.  A healthy and robust liver helps to govern your periods.  If you suffer from bad PMS or period pain then go easy on fats.

Eat Less of These (they stop you from filling your Fertility Cup)

  • Cold Food and Drink – if you are too cold then don’t make yourself colder by consuming cold things.  Being too cold empties your Fertility Cup* and affects your hormone production.
  • Processed Foods – see ‘Eat more whole foods’ above.
  • Grains & Sugar – (particularly grains that contain gluten) cause a lot of inflammation and feed pathogens (viruses, bacteria and parasites) to increase your toxin load.  A high toxin load affects your fertility.
  • Eggs – eggs feed pathogens to increase your toxin load.
  • Highly Adrenalised Foods Including Animal Protein and Dairy – high levels of adrenaline are almost like an antifertility drug.
  • Coffee and Alcohol – coffee spikes your adrenaline and alcohol compromises your liver.  Neither are good for fertility.

What Now?

Before you freak out about cutting out all the foods you love, know that doing something is better than nothing.

So, try eating 50% more fruit and vege and 50% less of the things you shouldn’t eat.  This can have a big affect on refilling your Fertility Cup to improve your ability to conceive and carry to term.

But the more you can do to eat as we’ve just discussed, the better you will be able to start filling your Fertility Cup* again.

If you’d like more information about foods then book a Free 15 Minute Health Breakthrough Consultation*.

*This service is provided free by our practitioners. There are no conditions and no other paid services subsidise these free appointments.

[Special Note: Ketogenic diets have become popular to lose weight.  They are typically high in protein and fats and low in high glycaemic index carbs.  Whilst they can do a great job at helping you lose weight they probably don’t do your fertility many favours.  The problem is too much fat (even good fats) impacts your liver function (which governs your periods in Chinese medicine).  Also your reproductive system needs high quality glucose, not huge amounts of protein, to function well.  Although, reducing high GI carbs (like bread, pasta, cake, etc…) will do good things for your fertility.  So, unless you have a lot of weight to lose, it is better for your fertility to mainly eat fruit and vege with some protein (and cut out the naughty carbs).]

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