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Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

This is the number one question in everyone’s mind when it comes to acupuncture – ‘does it hurt?’.

The answer is – not really.

For acupuncture to work properly, you have to feel the insert of the needle just a little.  It’s not unlike you pinching your skin on your arm with your fingers.  You feel a little ‘nip’ for a microsecond and that’s it.

Why Do You Have to Feel It a Little?

Acupuncture works via the central nervous system.  By inserting the needles in certain places on your body, acupuncture triggers your central nervous system to increase the blood flow to particular areas of your body. If you do not feel the needle at all, the central nervous system is not sufficiently stimulated and acupuncture doesn’t work as well.

I have seen this time after time when treating pain.  Patients who feel the needles a little, need far fewer needles to get rid of the pain.

But I am Scared of Needles

Funnily enough guys are more scared than the gals.  Even those guys who have very large tattoos (which is basically from an inking needle jack hammering their skin for hours), sometimes in very sensitive places, can be scared.

Some stats about acupuncture needles:

  • They are stainless steel and very sharp – which means they puncture the skin very easily generating little feeling.
  • They are very small – 8 acupuncture needles can fit into the end of a normal hypodermic needle.
  • Billions of acupuncture needles are used every year all over the world – and we only use high quality needles.

Once you’ve had acupuncture a few times, your fear goes as you realise the enormous benefit to your health a few little ‘nips’ makes.

Come and try it for yourself. For quality acupuncture in Melbourne look no further.