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Choose Your Health Hammer Wisely

Choose Your Health Hammer Wisely

This was a really popular post I did recently.

I’ve expanded it a little here.

Recognise every practitioner for what they are and do.

It’s like a hammer and nail (and you’re the nail).

Every practitioner has their own tools (hammer).

A GP will treat you with medications (her hammer).

A chiro will treat you with adjustments (his hammer).

A surgeon will treat you with surgery (her hammer).

I think you get the picture.

I will treat you with acupuncture, supplements and diet (yes, I’ve got 3 hammers!).

All have advantages and limitations.

You need to decide the best form of treatment for you. Sometimes it’s worth trying a few hammers to see which one works best.

But different hammers deliver different outcomes.

The medication hammer rarely fixes the root cause of trouble – it’s like putting another coat of paint on timber that is rotting – it may look ok from the outside, but it’s really not.

Acupuncture  and diet seeks to address both the symptom and the Chinese medicine root cause of trouble – we are both rebuilding the strength of the timber and giving it a fresh coat of paint.

It’s very easy to only be exposed to one hammer (medications) because the whole medical system is geared to filter you through GPs (who’s main hammer is medications or referral to a specialist – most of whom have two hammers: stronger medication or surgery).

Just remember, there’s more than one hammer out there.