Chinese Herbs vs Western Herbs

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Chinese Herbs vs Western Herbs

Chinese Herbs vs Western Herbs

What is the difference between Chinese powdered herbs prescribed by Chinese medicine practitioners and Western liquid herbs often prescribed by Naturopaths? Both are prescribed as tailored formulae for the patient.

Characteristics of Western Herbs Prescribed by Naturopaths:

  • Often in concentrated liquid form – sometimes in an alcohol base.
  • Usually target digestion (with the belief that most disease comes from problems with the digestive system).
  • Can mix herbs – but often have a predominant herb plus a few other support herbs. Formulae tend to be smaller.
  • Have 50-100 herbs to choose from.
  • Naturopathy herb prescribing has been around for about 50 years.

Characteristics of Chinese Herbs Prescribed by Chinese Medicine Practitioners:

  • Often in concentrated powder form.
  • Can target any organ individually or whole systems (e.g. the digestive system).
  • Always mix herbs – often have a number of chief herbs plus many assisting herbs to bolster the function of the main herbs, or direct the main herbs to a particular area or organ, or counteract any issues that may be created by the chief herbs. Formulas can be very large containing 50+ herbs all working together for a result.
  • Have over 1000 herbs to choose from.
  • Chinese medicine herb prescribing has over 2000 years of clinical use and results. The sheer number of herbs coupled with an enormous track record of use and results makes Chinese herbs one of the most useful and sophisticated of all of the natural medicines.

Chinese herbs accompanied by acupuncture Melbourne and diet therapy can treat many health problems.

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