Chinese Herbs and Medications

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Chinese Herbs and Medications

Chinese Herbs and Medications

Is it ok to take Chinese herbs at the same time as medications?

Your Chinese medicine practitioner will ultimately make this call depending on your health condition, the drugs you are taking and the Chinese herbs they are looking to prescribe.

However, this said, Chinese herbs are gentle in nature and are usually ok to take while taking other Western medications.  Your Chinese medicine Doctor needs to be made aware of what other medications you are taking before prescribing herbs.

Extra Care

There are a few areas where extra care needs to be exerted;

  • Warfarin – this medication has a very narrow therapeutic range and the potential impact of going outside that therapeutic range is more serious. Anybody on Warfarin can take herbs as long as they get their Warfarin levels regularly checked (INR test).
  • Anti-epileptic medications – some herbs can alter the effectiveness of these medications so extra care needs to be taken by the practitioner.

Chinese Herbs are Gentle

Chinese herbs are gentle on the body when prescribed correctly. We always recommend that you take your herbs at least 2 hours away from any medications to help avoid any issues.  The only change we sometimes see is to bowel habits where the patient’s bowels may be loose.  However, this is often a part of how the Chinese herbs do their job and is of no cause for concern. There is over 2000 years of history and experience behind Chinese herbs making it the most widely used natural therapy used in the world.

It is usual to take Chinese herbs at the same time as receiving acupuncture treatment.  Acupuncture in Melbourne is often used in conjunction with Chinese herbs.

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