Chinese herbal Medicine

How We Create Tailored Chinese Medicine Formulas for Patients

Chinese Herbal Medicine: A Natural Alternative to Drugs

Chinese Herbal Medicine provides an alternative to drugs in treating the symptoms of many chronic health problems. Chinese herbalism is one of the most sophisticated forms of natural medicine available using hundreds of herbs and formulas which are tailored specifically for each patient for the best results.

Unlike western drugs, which use synthesised compounds to treat symptoms, Chinese herbs treat both the symptoms and the Chinese medicine root cause of the problem at the same time. By treating and resolving the root cause, symptoms will reduce or disappear entirely. Chinese medicine can also treat multiple symptoms/health problems at the same time.

All of our Chinese herbs are high quality and all formulas are specifically tailored for each patient. Chinese herbs are known for their ability to work  without any side-effects. The reason for this is that Chinese herbs are the whole plant, not just a chemically synthesised compound that typically make up western drugs. The whole plant with all of its natural compounds work together – as nature intended it.

Many of our patients are on a many different medications and suffer the side-effects accordingly.

In some cases we may be able to work with you and your GP to help you reduce or stop some medications.

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