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Dr Sandra Wu and Dr Bruce Stafford (Chinese Medicine)

Doctors Sandra Wu and Bruce Stafford have done over 50,000 patient visits. Dr Wu operates out of our modern clinic in Moonee Ponds.

What Difference Would Less Stress, Less Pain, More Energy and Improved Health Make to Your Life?

Acupuncture is a form of medicine originating thousands of years ago in China. Chinese Emperors lived very long, healthy and productive lives through Chinese medicine.

Therefore Emperor’s Acupuncture practises the Emperor’s medicine to turn people’s health around so they can healthier lives.

Acupuncture is a drug-free therapy.

We are Here to Help You Achieve Better Health


Sandra Wu

Dr. Sandra Wu (Chinese Medicine)

  • Special interest in cosmetic acupuncture, fertility, pain and weight loss
  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese pulse diagnosis
  • Registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
  • Also a member of The Australian Traditional Medicine Association

Over the last 18 years Sandra has treated over 20,000 patients.  Many of these people were struggling with issues of fertility, pain, skin/complexion issues, chronic illness, stress and weight loss.

While her expertise is in Chinese medicine, she has an intricate understanding of the different treatment protocols used in Western medicine IVF treatments. Not to mention that hundreds of babies have been born to patients under her support care.

Sandra has a special interest in cosmetic acupuncture to help people look and feel their best.  She understands how important your face is to your self confidence and your life. She loves to see the looks of pure joy on the faces of patients she helps.

As a busy mother of three, Sandra also knows how difficult it can be to prioritise your health.

She has a compassionate, non-judgemental approach that puts you at ease and supports you in your commitment to your physical and emotional wellbeing.

She also takes the time to explain the treatment options that will deliver the best results so you can feel in control of your own healing.

Sandra graduated from Victoria University of Technology with a Bachelor of Health Science – Acupuncture in 2000.  After university she completed her training in acupuncture and pain relief at Guangzhou University/hospital of TCM in China.

Sandra also speaks Cantonese and is available for consultations on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

bruce stafford

Dr Bruce Stafford (Chinese Medicine)

  • Special interest in pain, fertility and complex health conditions
  • Chinese pulse diagnosis
  • Acupuncture
  • Registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
  • Also member of The Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association
  • Presenter of Lunch & Learn sessions
  • Graduate of the “Fertility Certification Course” by Giovanni Maciocia (the modern ‘Godfather of Chinese medicine fertility treatment’)

Bruce has performed over 20,000 acupuncture treatments.

Bruce has a special focus on treating complex health issues for people who thought they were out of options.

Bruce became interested in Chinese medicine after 30 years studying martial arts and qualifying as an instructor in both Tai Chi and Qigong. After completing his Chinese Medicine qualification, he spent thousands of hours studying under and learning from the best practitioners in the world. Practitioners including Dr Jimmy Chang PhD from Taiwan, Dr Bob Doane from the USA and Professor Wen Cheng Wang from Australia.

Bruce performs a particular kind of detailed pulse diagnosis. This is his secret weapon in finding underlying issues and tracking improvements in his patients.