Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a needle-free form of pain treatment and relief using a combination of acupressure and gentle fascia (muscle, ligament and tendon) massage and release.

It was developed by Tom Bowen here in Geelong, Victoria.  Tom would treat up to 60 people a day in his clinic, such was the effectiveness of his method of treating pain. Much of the technique is based on the use of acupuncture points – but with no need for acupuncture needles.

How Bowen Therapy Works

The therapy involves finding connective tissue (muscle, ligament or tendon) tension in the body and releasing it.  Most patients will present to the clinic with a ‘short leg’.  This is where one leg is literally shorter than the other. One leg is shorter than the other because a sustained muscle spasm (tension) somewhere in your body is causing tension everywhere on the short leg side.

The leg is ‘short’ because the tension is squeezing and pulling the leg up.  The short leg and tension create a number of imbalance issues including a misalignment of the pelvis, shoulders spine and neck. Only by releasing specific tension will the body come back into alignment and the pain you are experiencing will resolve. Our aim is to ‘even you up’ so your leg lengths are the same.  Often we can do this at your first treatment.

Bowen Therapy is gentle and requires no ‘crunching’ of joints or higher impact manipulations.  It is a safe and effective treatment for children, adults and the elderly.

People who leave the clinic after a session feel great.  We often hear the comment, “I feel light, like I’m floating on air!”.

Dr Bruce Stafford (Chinese Medicine)  has learned from Graham Pennington in his Warrnambool clinic – the Warnnambool Natural Medicine Centre.  Graham has a direct line of lineage from Tom Bowen, is the author of A Textbook of Bowen Technique and teaches Bowen technique all over the world.

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Bruce with Graham