Are You Finally Ready to Do Something About Your Health?

Are You Finally Ready to Do Something About Your Health?

Many people have had health issues for a long time.  But we soldier on and put up with pain, discomfort, tiredness, emotional problems, period problems… the list goes on.

Before we know it, this ‘sub-health’ becomes normal to us and we have completely forgotten what it feels like to be symptom-free and in good health. So much so that many of our patients can’t believe how good they feel again after a course of treatment.

For many of our patients, Chinese Medicine is a last resort.  They have been through the Western medicine mill and have either not corrected their health issue or are now sick and tired of taking prescription medications to deal with symptoms so they can get on with life.

Eventually, there comes a time when we say ‘That’s it!  Enough is enough! It’s time I really did something to address my health issues once and for all.’

It is this realisation that sets our patients on the road to good health.  They have the motivation to seek help from us and to see a course of treatment through.  Chinese medicine can do many wonderful things for your health, but you just need to see it through to experience the full benefits.

Chinese medicine (including acupuncture, supplements and dietary advice) aims to help you feel much better in the short-term by treating your symptoms and also in the long-term by treating the root cause of your health problems.  If the root cause of health problems can be resolved, patients usually no longer need any form of treatment because their body is now working as it should to keep them healthy. Chinese medicine is one of the oldest and most sophisticated forms of natural medicine available.  It is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

We do Chinese pulse diagnosis (using your radial pulse on your wrist) to quickly pinpoint the root cause of problems to be able to successfully treat it.  This is one of the main differences between our clinic and other clinics and is the basis of accurate diagnosis and treatment.

If you are tired of feeling ‘sub-par’ take action to do something about your health.