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Are Eggs, Butter and Meat Still ‘Bad’ for Your Cholesterol Levels?

Are Eggs, Butter and Meat Still ‘Bad’ for Your Cholesterol Levels?

“Your body is going to make 80% of your cholesterol regardless of what you eat”, is what I have been saying in the clinic for years.

So foods that were on the ‘naughty list’ like eggs, meat and butter are now no longer on it (https://bit.ly/2u1sYVL).

Only 20% of your cholesterol levels is influenced by what you eat.

In Chinese medicine terms, high cholesterol levels come from a liver that is not functioning properly.

Your body actually needs cholesterol to function properly.  But there’s ‘good’ cholesterol (HDL) and ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL).

Hundreds of millions of people are on medications (statins) to reduce their cholesterol levels.

  • Do statins reduce cholesterol levels? Yes they do!
  • Do statins prevent you from having a fatal heart event?  Well, the jury might still be out on that one (https://bit.ly/2UCtQeU).
  • Do statins bring side-effects?  Yes.
  • Are the side-effects of taking statins long-term fully known?  No.

So, focus your efforts on food and treatment that will restore your liver function to a normal level so your body can do a better job at self-regulating the amount of LDL cholesterol it produces.

Liver-friendly foods will help, which includes just about all fruit and vegetables.

But for many, they need specific treatment to help return their liver function to normal.  Chinese Medicine has the tools in acupuncture and supplements to help regain your liver function.