Ankle Injury

ankle injury

Basketball Ankle Injuries

For the thousands of players who hit the court every week, basketball ankle injury remains the most common form of injury.

Chronic or recurring injury can significantly impact your court time during the competitive season.

A recent study in the US basketball ankle injuries makes up 40% of injuries whereas only 15% are to the knee.

Ankle ligament strains are the most common form of injury followed by muscle and tendon strains.

Ankle injuries are so common because of the stop/start nature of the game along with so much jumping and landing and a lot of other foot traffic on the court.

Acupuncture may offer relief for mild to moderate ankle sprains as an alternative or addition to physiotherapy.

Acupuncture is different to ‘dry needling’ that physical therapists may do.

Acupuncture improves blood flow to the ankle joint.  It is this improved blood flow that helps the body reduce pain (through the release of natural pain killers including endorphins and enkephalins) and repair the area.

Everything the body needs to repair tissue is in the blood.  Increased blood flow simply increases the size of your ‘repair army’ in the area of injury.

Acupuncture is widely used to help reduce pain, help recovery from injury and even the strengthen the joint as a protective measure against injury.

If you have an existing or recurrent ankle injury that is affecting your game, book in for acupuncture today!

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