Acupuncture to Maintain Good Health

Whilst acupuncture is commonly used to help resolve health problems, one of its greatest benefits is to keep you healthy in the first place.

The Origin of Disease

In Chinese medicine terms, the origin of disease is when the body’s natural maintenance mechanisms break down and allow the body to fall into disease.  The main causes of this are:

Poor Blood Flow

Good blood flow is good health.  Everything your body needs is in your blood.  If the flow of blood is strong to all parts of your body, everything gets ‘feed and watered’ and everything can work well.

Good blood flow comes from a strong heart (your pump), a clear Liver (your filter) and a system of open and relaxed blood vessels (your plumbing).

Strong Heart Function

Chinese medicine looks at how well an organ functions – in other words, how well it does its job.  If your heart function is robust and healthy, it pumps blood efficiently around your body.  Pink complexion, warm hands and feet, sound sleep and no anxiety are all signs that your heart function is strong.

As we age, like any other muscle, our heart can become ‘tired’ and less efficient due to stress, partial blockages and faulty mechanics like valves.  For many, their heart function has degraded too fast for their age so it adversely affects their blood flow and brings on symptoms.

Clear Liver

If your Heart is your pump, then your Liver is your filter.  Your filter needs to be clean for your blood to move well throughout your body. Signs of a clear and health Liver include healthy digestion, deep sleep, steady mood and healthy eyes.

Liver function is most affected by stress, poor diet and excessive chemicals (including alcohol and drugs).

Open-Wide Vessels

Your plumbing (your blood vessels) must be open-wide and supple.  Open- wide pipes carry good blood flow to everywhere in your body. Pipes can become partially blocked, narrow or stiff over time to adversely affect blood flow.

So good blood flow comes from strong Heart function, a clear Liver and open-wide vessels all over your body

Poor Digestive Function

How well our Stomach and Spleen work has a big effect on our health.  Western-medically, if they work well, we draw and absorb a high proportion of nutrients from the food that we eat to power our body’s processes.  If they don’t work well we tend to get a lot of digestive problems including reflux, bloating, gas or nausea.

Chinese-medically poor digestive function deprives your body of energy and it also brings on problems.


Poor digestive function leads to chronic deficiencies in all the vital essences of life including energy, blood, Yin and Yang.  This leaves your body weak, unable to maintain or defend itself properly to allow disease to take hold.

Build up of Damp/Phlegm

In Chinese medicine, internal Damp and like a phlegmy build up in your body that stops things from moving so well. It’s heavy and ‘sticky’ and just gums everything up.

Poor digestion and bad blood flow leads to the build up of internal Damp/Phlegm, which causes all sorts of health problems including digestive issues, sinus issues, heaviness, weight gain, swelling, skin issues including eczema and rashes, lung issues including asthma and many other issues.

Damp/Phlegm is stubborn to shift and requires specific Chinese medicine treatment.

How Acupuncture Helps to Keep You Healthy

Acupuncture keeps you blood moving well, strengthens your Heart, Liver, Stomach and Spleen function and helps your body clear internal Damp/Phlegm. It really does keep everything moving to help keep you in good health.

It is far more effective to maintain your health than it is to treat disease.

One of acupuncture’s greatest abilities is to keep you healthy so your body doesn’t fall into disease.

Monthly acupuncture to maintain good health should be part of everyone’s personal health regime to stay in top health in Melbourne.

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