Acupuncture or Chinese Herbs?

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Acupuncture or Chinese Herbs?

Is acupuncture or Chinese herbs better?

Acupuncture is Best for Pain

Acupuncture is particularly good at treating pain. It works at a neurological level to improve blood flow to the site of pain to return your body’s natural healing processes so it fixes the problem.  Acupuncture is a gentle therapy that works particularly well on any chronic pain including joint pain.  The pain can be from injury, neuropathy or arthritis.

Chinese Herbs are Best for Internal Issues

Any internal issues are often best treated with Chinese herbs.  Internal issues are any problems that involve the organs. Herbs have an advantage in that the patient can treat themselves every day by taking their herbs, whereas acupuncture is generally only once or twice a week.

Sometimes people who really don’t like needles are treated only with herbs or Bowen Therapy.  Chinese herbs can be used to reduce pain, but the mechanism is different to acupuncture Melbourne. Chinese herbs work by increasing blood flow and also reducing inflammation and reducing pain.

The Best Treatment is Often Both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

Often by receiving acupuncture treatment and taking Chinese herbs at the same time, patients get better faster.  This is because there is an additive effect in that acupuncture builds on the Chinese herbs.

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