acupuncture and drugs

Acupuncture and Medications

Acupuncture and Medications

In Chinese hospitals, Western and Chinese medicine are integrated to provide a ‘best of both worlds’ care for patients. Many people think they should get either medication care or acupuncture care, but they shouldn’t look at them in isolation.

Acupuncture Plus Medications

Medications can do a very good job at relieving symptoms, but they generally do not address the root cause of the problem.  Come off the medications and all the health problems will come back.  Medications usually always come with unwanted side effects and for many medications it is not known what the effect of long-term usage is on our bodies and our health.

Acupuncture may treat both the symptom and the Chinese medicine root cause of a health problem. In our view, only the body can fix root causes of health problems and acupuncture melbourne is all about helping the body to do just that.

So, do what they do in China, stay on your medication to stay comfortable and get regular acupuncture treatment to address the root cause with the objective of being able to reduce or even stop taking your medication, in conjunction with your GP if required.