Month: April 2017

varicocele pain

Varicocele (Teste) Pain

Varicocele (Teste) Pain A varicocele is an enlargement of the veins in the scrotum.  It is not unlike varicose veins that you find in the leg. Varicoceles can occur with no symptoms at all.  Other times symptoms may emerge including pain, impeded teste growth and low sperm count leading to infertility.  Varicoceles mainly affect younger …

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diabetes treatment melbourne

Diabetes is Out of Control

Diabetes is Out of Control Around 1.5 million Australians have been diagnosed with diabetes, with another estimated 1.2 million undiagnosed.  Near 3 million Australians have pre-diabetes.  That’s approximately 25% of the Australian adult population affected by diabetes. How did it get this bad? It all comes down to what we are eating and with the …

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