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Why So Many People Have Anxiety

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Why So Many People Have Anxiety

Chinese Medicine Explains Why So Many

People Have Got an Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety affects around 2 million Australians at any one time. 1 in 4 people will have an anxiety disorder at some stage of their lives with women having a higher incidence of 1 in 3*.  According to Google Trends, online searches on anxiety has increased 700% in the last ten years and online searches on anxiety medications has increased by over 250% over the same period.

So What’s Going On?

Why has anxiety become a modern-day health epidemic in Australia?

Western medicine does not attribute anxiety to any particular cause and talks about a range of factors including genetics and situational and environment factors increasing one’s risk of developing anxiety.

However, in case after case in my practice the cause of anxiety is very clear.  In Chinese medicine terms anxiety is due to weak heart function.

Anxiety Cause: a Weak Heart Function

Chinese medicine looks at organ function differently to Western medicine. The Western medicine view of heart health revolves around blockages, blood pressure, arrhythmias, valve problems and the like.  Chinese medicine looks at these things as well as strength and efficiency of the pump and the vessels within and leading into and out of the heart. In total we refer to this as your ‘heart function’.

If your heart function is weak (and I will know this within seconds of feeling your radial pulse) you will have any of anxiety, chronic tiredness, memory and concentration problems and sleep problems – or, as is often the case, all of these.

In many cases weak heart function is due to inefficient blood flow within your heart and comes down to blood vessels being smaller and more restricted than they should be. A weak heart is not saying that you will have a heart attack tomorrow.  It is simply that your pump (heart) is weaker than it should be and your blood flow isn’t good enough – particularly to your head (just think about how a weak pump will have trouble pumping uphill (ie. to your head).

Why Have So Many People Got Weak Hearts?

Modern life and work stress is the main problem.  We are constantly stressed and in fight-or-flight mode all of the time.  Our adrenals are clapped out and our livers are shot – and both of these directly affect our heart. Whilst we can’t change the world we live in, we can directly improve our heart function to better cope.  The other cause is poor diet that doesn’t provide the right nutrition for the heart.

Chinese Medicine Treats a Weak Heart

Chinese medicine is uniquely placed to treat a weak heart through special Chinese herbs that are used to specifically vasodilate the vessels in and around your heart and also tonify your heart.  By widening your vessels and increasing the strength of your pump, anxiety usually reduces or is eliminated entirely. So rather than relying on channeling some form of mystical energy in your body, we use Chinese medicine and acupuncture to treat your heart at a physical level as an anxiety treatment to help you get better.

And therein lies the difference between Chinese and Western medicine treatment.  Chinese medicine treats the cause of the problem to eliminate the symptom (anxiety).  Western medicine is not an anxiety cure as it treats the symptom only so when you stop the medication the anxiety comes right back.

Specific Chinese herbs also reduce your symptoms to make you more comfortable (less anxious) while we continue to strengthen your heart.

Interestingly, in Chinese medicine your physiology (physical heart function) governs your psychology.  So if your heart function is weak it will affect your mood and no matter how much counselling or drug therapy you receive, your anxiety will never come good as your heart function is still weak.

Anxiety is One of the Most Common Problems I See in My Clinic

Anxiety is one of the most common health problems I treat in my clinic. By using acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I strengthen weak hearts to help patients overcome anxiety and to come off any medications.

If you are suffering anxiety and don’t want to go on drugs or if you are on anti-anxiety or anti-depressants and want to come off them, book a FREE Health Consultation with us to find out how we can help you.